Reasons For Poverty

Wealth and poverty comes from Almighty Allah. However, the pious servants and learned scholars have given a few reasons as to why poverty comes and what to abstain from to avoid poverty:-

By not reading Namaz and Qur’an.

By reading Qur’an without Wudhu.

By calling parents by their names or disrespecting them.

To be annoyed with receiving visitors.

By being unkind to relatives.

To hit and scold your children without reason.

To eat without saying Bismillah.

To eat without washing the hands.

To eat without a hat or with the left hand.

To eat near a deceased or in the dark.

To leave food opened.

To delay food that has been already served.

To leave dishes unwashed after eating.

To wash your hands in eating utensils.

To take a false oath.

To talk of worldly things in the Masjid or during Wudhu.

To sleep until the sun rises.

To sleep between Maghrib and Isha.

To sleep naked.

To urinate in the bathroom.

To go to the toilet without a hat.

To talk while using the toilet.

To pass urine or stool on a pathway or under a tree.

To laugh in a cemetery.

To use broken utensils.

To use a broken comb.

For ladies to remain with the head uncovered.

To stand and comb or tie the hair.

To sweep at night.

To sweep the house and keep the dirt in the house.

To keep long nails, of bite one’s nails.

To sew torn clothes on the body.

To have a haircut while Na-Paak.

To keep the public hairs more than forty days.

To put off a flame by blowing it.

To sit on the stoop of the house.

To leave shoes upside down and not straighten it.

To leave spider cob-webs in the house.

To burn the peel of garlic or onions.

Not to help a person in trouble at night.

It has been mentioned by some pious persons that to be intimate with the wife on Saturday after sunset till Sunday morning and on Tuesday after sunset till Wednesday morning is not regarded as a good time. They said that if the wife becomes pregnant in this time they there is a risk of sickness and bad habits in the child.

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