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Advise For Muslim Sisters

In this Western world and environment that we live in, we sadly see that Muslim females (teenagers) are the target of the Kufaar. Their aim is to cause Muslim females to lose their respect and integrity, taking them away from a pious and truly fruitful Islamic life. Many Muslims females throughout the world today are caught in the trap of drugs, alcohol, club going, adultery and various other detrimental activities.

My respected Muslim Sisters! Look at what you are doing and see for yourself whether you are causing benefit or harm to your selves?

Think of what you are doing and, then Remember! That Almighty Allah is watching your every action. My dear Muslims sisters! Dress Islamic wise, Do not try to copy the West. Do not strive to look and dress like the Kufaar. After you leave this world, you being a duplicate of any film or pop-star will not be of any assistance to you in your grave or in the hereafter. Forget and divorce yourself from the traps of the West. Instill in yourself true beauty, true respect and true integrity. Rather than trying to portray a pop-star or any other Kaafir. Portray Sayyida Faatima Zahra (razi Allahu anha), the Blessed daughter of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). She who will be the Queen of the Maidens of Jannat.

Do you wish to enter Jannat? Do you wish to be in the companionship?

Muslim Women

Children are a great gift from Almighty Allah to all parents. Parents must think of their children as such treasures that the all the wealth and material resources are worthless as when compared to one s children. We, as parents, should thank Almighty Allah for blessing us with children whether they are boys or girls. Today, it is quite disheartening to see that some parents rejoice when the newborn child is a male and show their dissatisfaction when the child is a female. But, this should not be the attitude. Islam does not condone this type of behavior, as such was the manner of the parents in the time of ignorance.

Daughters are without doubt a great blessing from Almighty Allah. They are a means of salvation and a path to Jannat for their parents. The Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has stated that when a boy is born, then he brings one Noor (light) and when a girl is born, then she brings two Noors. It has been narrated in a Hadith that the Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has stated that if parents are kind and generous towards their daughters, then they will be so close to the Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in Jannat, like one finger is to the next. The Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)has also stated that the person who is faced with hardship due to his daughters, and makes Sabr (is patient), then his daughters will be a Purdah (curtain) between him and Hell.

The crux of one narration states that one who loves his daughters and withstands the hardship of grooming and getting them married, then Almighty Allah makes Jannah Waajib (compulsory) on him and keeps him protected from the Fire of Hell.

Hazrat Khwaja Uthman Harooni (razi Allahu anhu), the Peer-o-Murshid of Khwaja-e-Khwajegaan, Hazrat Sheikh Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz (razi Allahu anhu), states: “Daughters are a gift from Almighty Allah. Those parents who are kind towards them, then Almighty Allah is generous towards such parents. Those who are merciful to their daughters, Almighty Allah is Merciful towards them.” The great Saint also said, “When a girl is born to a family, then between the parents and Hell, there shall be a distance of five hundred years.”

It has been stated that when parents rejoice at the birth of a daughter, this is greater than making Tawaaf of the Kaaba seventy times. Muslims should also remember that the family of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is from his beloved daughter Sayyidah Fatima Zahra (razi Allahu anha).

Dear brothers and sisters, rejoice on the birth of your daughters, love and guide them and give them that which is due to them from your belongings. Do not deprive them of their inheritance as they also have say in this. Remember! Daughters are a blessing and not a burden.

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